Dawn Wright

Bio: When people ask me how many kids I have, I will always answer, "Three. Three beautiful children." We lost our bright light, Kai, in October 2014. Just a few months into a journey I had never imagined, I'm already learning that grief has its gifts.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Dawn, remember me? Mary Breda, we spoke once. I am in the same terrible club of mothers whose children have died. I discovered your website the other day, and have read through all of your writings. You are a beautiful writer, and do a wonderful job expressing your feelings. It brought back floods of emotions for me. Funny thing is I could relate to your husband as a doer. After each of our girl’s deaths, I buried myself in putting together photo albums, and writing down every memory I could about them. I became obsessive about making sure every possible picture was put together in an album. I didn’t want to forget or loss one moment. And in a strange way, it made me feel more alive. Perhaps because I’m not as much of an emotional person as you. I needed these constant memories to hold on to those raw feelings. I do remember that terrible pain in my chest. Feeling like someone was stabbing me over and over again. These helped me to understand Our Lady of Sorrows so much better, with her seven swords piercing her heart.
    Showers have always been my place of choice for balling. The pros and cons were; that my other kids did not see me weeping (like an out of control crazy lady) and yet they did not see me weeping (like a mother grieving) Every one grief in there own way. There is not a right or wrong way. Like you both, my husband and I did so differently, but together; as well as each of our kids.
    The brutal, raw pain at the beginning is terrible, knowing we can not live like this forever, so we slowly heal those wounds. And yet, perhaps even a greater sorrow is that life does go on, sadly we get ‘use to’ them not being around. And with that a whole new sorrow comes. Yes, allow yourself sad days off, I wish I had taken more of those. But most of all look to heaven with hope! This life is short, we will have all eternity to be hanging out with our awesome kids! In this I find my joy.
    Thanks for your wonderful writings. Hang in there! Your in my prayers.


  2. Dawn, you write beautifully…. in reading Gifted Grief, my heart; aches, relates, smiles, skips a beat, hurts again, smiles, really hurts, feels lighter, chuckles, feels connected again…. feels thankful-.thank you Kai’s Mom.
    Been missing you at Umbrella Ministries, this is Minnie Ramsey, we partnered up at the group in February.

    Hugs and prayers,
    Dora’s Mom


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